Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt (EGE) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Egypt

Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Egypt

Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt (EGE) |
Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Egypt
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About Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt

The Export Credit Guarantee Co. of Egypt (EGE) is the official export credit agency of Egypt and follows the regulations of the Financial Regulatory Authority of Egypt.

Founded in 1992 to play a key role in facilitating Egypt’s healthy development within the foreign trade and private commercial sector, EGE provides a raft of comprehensive services and support to exporters, and assists them in managing, protecting and financing their receivables.

The government of Egypt provides EGE with access to additional hybrid capital in the form of subordinated Export Development Bonds to be issued as needed and is fully underwritten by the National Investment Bank (The Sovereign Fund of Egypt). These bonds do not have a specific maturity date and extend until the end of the life of the company.

The EGE currently has outstanding Export Development Bonds of EGP 50 million, which forms part of its capital base.
EGE aims:

  • Supporting the national interest of Egypt in trade and investment, domestically and abroad
  • Aiding in the expansion of the Egyptian industrial base to increase net exports
  • Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insights and analytics

A summary of Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt

Products and services offered by Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt

  • Trade credit insurance
  • Financial inclusion insurance
  • Banks insurance products
  • Investment insurance products and collections

Raw Materials – From tobacco to spices, gold to bronze, commodities represent a large proportion of our trade finance portfolio

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Finished Goods – Our innovative structuring capabilities allow us to put together complex finance structures, even if the end goods are finished

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Metals – From scrap metal to alloys, we help traders and distributors access trade, receivable or PO finance for iron, steel and non-ferrous metals

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Export Credit Guarantee of Egypt


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