Office du Ducroire (ODL) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Luxembourg

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

Office du Ducroire (ODL) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Luxembourg

The Office du Ducroire supports your project at all levels. The Government’s One-Stop Shop for Exporters offers you financial incentives to promote your products and services globally and in a targeted manner. It guides you afterwards to carry out your operations without financial risk.

They offer financial support for the design and translation of your promotional materials, to facilitate your presence at trade fairs and trade shows abroad, for seminars and conferences and for your advertising costs;
credit insurance for your exports.

A summary of Office du Ducroire (ODL)

Office du Ducroire (ODL) – Benefits of using an ECA in Luxembourg

  •  Prepare your business
  •  Promote your business
  •  Organize your business

What types of products and services does Office du Ducroire (ODL) offer in Luxembourg?

When you sell a product or service, you expect to be paid. But are you sure you know your customers well and appreciate their creditworthiness? Despite all your precautions, however, you are never safe from a bad payer or the bankruptcy of a loyal buyer that you thought unshakeable.

  •  Credit Insurance
  •  Financial Help
  •  Guarantee commitment insurance
History of Office du Ducroire (ODL)

The Office Du Ducroire is a public institution, whose purpose is to encourage and facilitate international economic relations in the interest of Luxembourg. It does this through the cushioning of risk in the International Trading sector of the economy. Founded in 1961, it now employs just over 200 people, and has earnt its place in the global list of ECA’s.

Cars and Vehicles – One of the biggest exports globally, we’re experts in trading automobiles, working with car dealerships and fleet management services

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Raw Materials – From tobacco to spices, gold to bronze, commodities represent a large proportion of our trade finance portfolio

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Electronics – The circuit board, software and hardware markets have benefited huge growth as a result of consumer demand, find out about our electronics offering here

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Key Stats


Office du Ducroire (ODL)




Created in 1961, the Office du Ducroire is a public institution, with legal personality, whose purpose is to promote international economic and financial relations in the interest of Luxembourg, mainly through the hedging of risks in the field of export, import and investment abroad. Since the cooperation agreement between the Office of the Ducroire and the State of April 29, 2002, creating the Committee for the Promotion of Luxembourg Exports (COPEL), the Ducroire assumes the support of Luxembourg exports through a participation partial promotion, exhibition and export training costs. Ducroire also carries out its function through its participation in other foreign trade instruments, notably in “Luxembourg for Business”.

CEO Information:

Mrs Simone JOACHIM Office du Ducroire (ODLe CEO







Company Number:

Registration number here


14, rue Erasme – Kirchberg L-1468 Luxembourg

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