Export Credit Insurance Organisation (OAEP) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Greece

Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Greece

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The Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP) |
Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Greece
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About Export Credit Insurance Organisation

The Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP) was established in 1988 as NIPI, administered by 7 members of the Board of Directors. is not subsidized by the state budget and is supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Development.

It is one of about 70 Export Credit Insurance Organizations in the international terminology of ECAs existing and operating worldwide and as a member of the Berne Union.

OAEP aims to be a key factor in enhancing the extrovert entrepreneurship and improving the competitiveness of Greek export business and thus the development of the Greek economy.

Aiming to promote and meet the needs of each export operation, the OAEP provides high-value credit insurance services while funding through simple procedures, tailored to the needs of Greek exports, especially of SMEs.

With strong equity, strong reinsurance contracts and a € 1.47 billion state guarantee to cover political risks, it has the power to perform its work with complete consistency.

A summary of Export Credit Insurance Organisation

Export Credit Insurance Organisation – Benefits of using an ECA in Greece

  • Short-term export credit insurance
  • Long-term export credit insurance
  • Technical Assurance programs

Products and services offered by Export Credit Insurance Organisation

OAEP provides insurance against commercial and political risks of non-payment. The export credits granted by Greek exporters are available to foreign buyers abroad.

  •  Short-term export credit insurance
  •  Long-term export credit insurance
  •  Construction works insurance schemes
  •  Buyer’s credit insurance scheme
  •  Overseas investments insurance schemes

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Key Stats


Export Credit Insurance Organisation (OAEP)


Greece, Europe


Grigoris Moustafis







Company Number:

+30 211 9966200


57 Panepistimiou Athens, 10564 Greece

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