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Women in trade

This is the home of our annual Women In Trade (WIT) campaign in line with International Women’s Day (IWD) – promoting gender equity and raising the voices of women across the industry.

Why is this so important?

According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2022, gender parity may not be achieved for another 132 years. Globally, the gender gap has closed by 68.1% since 2022.

If progress continues at the current rate, full parity will not be achieved till for a further 132 years.

The past three years have presented challenges for everyone worldwide, but women were particularly impacted. Progress in accelerating gender parity has stalled since the onset of COVID-19.

This is not an industry, country, or region-specific problem. The world needs to come together to ensure progress towards gender parity, and that it doesn’t take 132 years to do so. Collective action is the only way to move forward, which is why TFG is assembling 100 Women in Trade, Treasury & Payments.

It is on all of us to Embrace Equity.

World Economic Forum
Time comparison of working men and women
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Among 33 countries representing 54% of the world’s working-age population, 19% of men’s time is spent on unpaid work, compared to 55% of women’s. Unpaid care work will continue to be imposed asymmetrically on women as childcare costs rise.

This increased burden for working mothers, termed the ‘motherhood penalty’, affects women in terms of underemployment, slower career progression, and lower lifetime earnings.

The gender pay gap

According to a BCG global study there is a gap between women who hold entry-level and mid-level positions and those who hold senior-level positions. BCG found that women represent 62% of non-managerial positions, but only 34% of senior positions, and 39% of executive positions.

This is especially true in the finance sector, where more than one-third of women experience day-to-day inequalities. 17% of women in the finance industry say their managers don’t help them develop their full potential, compared to 11% of men.

Women in leadership

How do we support Women in Trade, Treasury & Payments at TFG?

Featuring leaders across the trade, treasury and payments landscape, Trade Finance Global have spoken to more than 150 women to hear their career journeys, current barriers to and to inspire the next generation of Women In Trade.

TFG have now run three WIT Campaigns, focusing on the IWD themes:
#EachforEqual | #ChooseToChallenge | #BreakTheBias

This year, for 2023, we are running our BIGGEST ever WIT campaign and are delighted to invite you to nominate one representative from your organisation to join in. See here for more details.


About the Author

Natasha Roston is Head of People and Growth at Trade Finance Global (TFG). 

She builds partnerships to create innovative trade finance education projects and experiences. A key advocate for TFG’s annual Women In Trade campaigns, Natasha wrote a piece on the impact of gender stereotypes for gender equality in the workplace in 2022. Natasha is also responsible for TFG careers, culture, and team growth. A Level 2 Qualified Coach and Mental Health First Aid Champion, she leads internal training, supporting the holistic wellbeing of the team.

Before joining TFG Natasha worked in education for over a decade. Initially as a classroom teacher, and then in academic and pastoral leadership roles. Following this, she worked in EdTech as a Learning Design Coach for Aula’s Higher Education platform.

Natasha holds an MA from Tel Aviv University, a History PGCE from The Institute of Education and a BA from the University of Nottingham. Currently, she is studying for her Level 3 Certificate in International Trade from the Institute of Export & International Trade. In addition to her work at TFG, Natasha volunteers for the Young Women’s Trust as a Work It Out – CV Volunteer. 


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