Indonesia Eximbank | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Indonesia

Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Indonesia

Indonesia Eximbank |
Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Indonesia
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About Indonesia Eximbank

Established in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank is a financial institution that forms part of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Its main objective is to boost national export growth and to assist exporters in expanding their business capacity. Indonesia Eximbank is committed to promoting Indonesian exporters as respectful business players with world-class export products and services to the global market.

Indonesia Eximbank provides national export financing services for business enterprises, both legal entities and non-legal entities, including those domiciled within and outside of Indonesian territory. By offering these services, Indonesia Eximbank aims to accelerate Indonesia’s foreign trade growth and increase competitiveness among business agents, while acting as a facilitator in export-focused government policies.

Indonesia Eximbank continuously increases its funding capacity by issuing bonds and providing third-party loans. Through consistent empowerment and development efforts for SMEs that are engaging in export activities, Indonesia Eximbank regularly attracts new exporters seeking to expand their businesses.

Tasks and Functions:

  • Supporting national export programs through export financing;
  • Providing financing for transactions or projects that are not viable for commercial banking, but are considered prospective to boost national export;
  • Assisting banks and financial institutions in overcoming any difficulties in extending funding for exporters deemed as commercially promising and/or essential for Indonesian economic growth

A summary of Indonesia Eximbank

Products and services offered by Indonesia Eximbank

  • Export financing
  • Export guarantee
  • Export insurance
  • Advisory services 

Raw Materials – From tobacco to spices, gold to bronze, commodities represent a large proportion of our trade finance portfolio

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Finished Goods – Our innovative structuring capabilities allow us to put together complex finance structures, even if the end goods are finished

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Metals – From scrap metal to alloys, we help traders and distributors access trade, receivable or PO finance for iron, steel and non-ferrous metals

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Indonesia Eximbank


Indonesia, Asia


Rijani Tirtoso (Executive Director)







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Prosperity Tower, 1st floor District 8, SCBD, Lot 28 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12190

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