CESCE (Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Spain

Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Spain

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CESCE (Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación) |
Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Spain
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CESCE (Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación) is the head of a group of companies that offers integrated solutions for commercial credit management in part of Europe and Latin America. CESCE is also the Spanish export credit agency (ECA) that manages the export credit insurance on behalf of the Spanish State.

The risk rating agency Standard & Poor’s raised in 2018 the long-term rating of CESCE to A-, from BBB +, with a stable outlook

The risk rating agency considers that CESCE has a strong financial profile, based on solvency capital that exceeds the AAA, and high results.


A summary of CESCE

Summary video of Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación (CESCE) and how it operates in Spain. Enhancing its role as a Spanish Export Credit Agency and leading the contribution of commercial credit and surety management solutions are part of CESCE’s objectives through its 2020 strategic plan.

The company has focused its commitment on digitization, internationalization and support for SMEs.

“We have detected a demand for services from our companies in geographical areas where the Spanish company is very strong,” said CESCE president Jaime García-Legaz.

The commitment to small and medium enterprises is another key point “we can provide a high-quality service to many companies that until now think that CESCE is a company that operates almost exclusively with the large Spanish company, it is not like that” García said. Legaz.

Products and services offered by CESCE

  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Support for financing

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Spain, Europe

CEO Information:

Fernando Salazar Palma








CESCE, S.A.Calle Velázquez, no. 74 de Madrid (C.P. 28001)

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