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Invoice Finance

Invoice finance, also known as export factoring is very common when trading goods and services domestically and globally. Invoice finance includes discounting and factoring.
Invoice Finance

Trade and Export Finance

Trade finance is the catch all term of the financing of imports and exports, domestically and internationally. Trade Finance includes Letters of Credit and receivables discounting.
Trade Finance

What is Trade Finance?

Export or trade finance is an umbrella term for the financing of goods or services used in international trade. Companies trade overseas to increase their market share, compete globally and find competitive suppliers to help grow their businesses. The most common form of finance in this sector is through receivables discounting, issuing Letters of Credit and factoring.

When importing goods from overseas, businesses are often required to pay the full sum of the goods upfront – which is often a strain on working capital. A Letter of Credit is one mechanism which can be used to guarantee payment to the supplier whilst protecting the importer from risks such as non-shipment of the goods. Invoice finance, or factoring is another product which is fundamental in cross-border trade and a core part of supply chain financing. We work with experts both geographically and in specific sectors to help connect you with the most appropriate funder.

Who are Trade Finance Global?

Trade Finance Global was established to help provide trade information and help signpost businesses to find the most appropriate form of funding. We have an established network of non-bank and bank funders, partners and support structures which can assist you in structuring a successful trade deal.

Negotiate better

More working capital allows you to fuel growth without tying up assets, providing personal guarantees or remortgaging property.

Grow faster

By placing larger orders, customers can receive substantial discounts from suppliers.

Best market rates

We work with most funders and banks to give you the most appropriate finance solution, and don’t charge you additional fees.

Fully flexible

Trade finance is a revolving facility – so when you’re not using the credit line, you don’t pay.

Shariah compliant

Get access to Islamic finance with a Murabaha or a Musharaka Letter of Credit.

Even if you have bad credit

Those that have been refused finance from traditional sources may find funders that can meet their needs.

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