Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Austria

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Austria

Good risk management and attractive financing are vital for achieving sustainable success with export transactions and investments abroad. And this is precisely what OeKB’s speciality has been since 1950. We offer instruments to strengthen your company’s position against global competition and make our long years of export experience available to you.

A summary of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)

Summary video of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) and how it operates in Austria, Europe.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) – Benefits of using an ECA in Europe

  • Covering and financing export transactions and investments
  • Securing medium and long-term financing to purchase goods and services from Austria
  • Attractive financing of projects with Austrian content

What types of products and services does Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) offer in Austria?

OeKB Group has been strengthening Austria’s economy with many services for small, medium-sized and large companies as well as the Republic of Austria since 1946. OeKB Group focuses on five main service areas:

  •  Export Services
  •  Capital Market Services
  •  Energy Market Services
  •  Tourism Services
  •  Development Financing
History of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)

Founded in 1946 as a service company for the banking industry, the portfolio of the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG was rapidly expanded. Today, its competencies benefit foreign trade, Austria’s capital market, energy market, and the tourism industry.

Cars and Vehicles – One of the biggest exports globally, we’re experts in trading automobiles, working with car dealerships and fleet management services

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Electronics – The circuit board, software and hardware markets have benefited huge growth as a result of consumer demand, find out about our electronics offering here

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Metals – From scrap metal to alloys, we help traders and distributors access trade, receivable or PO finance for iron, steel and non-ferrous metals

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Are you an exporter based in Austria?

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Key Stats


Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)


OeKB Group’s companies with over 500 employees provide essential services for the Austrian export industry, the capital market and the tourism industry, serve the energy market and are involved in Austrian development financing. Their activities are of clear economic benefit, strengthen Austria as a business location and further the competitiveness of the Austrian economy. OeKB group conducts its business in a cross-sector, sustainable and responsible way.

CEO Information:

Helmut Bernkopf Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) CEO






Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)

Company Number:

FN 85749b, Commercial Court of Vienna VAT-ID No.: ATU 15350402


Am Hof 4 und Strauchgasse 3, 1011 Vienna, Austria

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