Bpifrance Assurance Export | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in France

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

Bpifrance Assurance Export | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in France

Bpifrance Assurance Export’s offer is made up of a range of solutions aimed at supporting the prospection of foreign markets, facilitating the issuing of bonds and pre-financing by banks, securing exports and investments at banks. abroad, to make the financing offered to foreign clients competitive, to protect against currency fluctuations.

A summary of Bpifrance Assurance Export

Summary video of Bpifrance Assurance Export and how it operates in France.

Bpifrance Assurance Export – Benefits of using an ECA in France

  •  Foreign Exchange insurance
  •  Credit insurance
  •  Insurance Prospection

What types of products and services does ECA Name offer in Country?

Through its 47 regional offices (90% of decisions taken in the region), Bpifrance represents a true economic
competitiveness service for entrepreneurs. Bpifrance operates via the application of public policies driven by
State and Regional governments in order to meet three objectives:

  •  Relying on excellence in business support
  •  Helping SMEs and ETIs to bridge the gap to internationalisation
  •  Simplifying the process by offering a single point of entry for French
  •  Giving greater clarity to the State guarantee
History of Bpifrance Assurance Export

BpiFrance Assurance Export was developed in 1917, with the aim of  managing government export guarantees for and under the control of the State. Today, it employs 240 people in the heart of Paris.

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Key Stats


Bpifrance Assurance Export


FRANCE, Europe


Bpifrance Assurance Export, a subsidiary of Bpifrance, administers the management of government export guarantees for and under the control of the State. It offers companies a range of solutions to support the prospecting of foreign markets, to secure the issuance of bonds and pre-financing by banks, to make competitive financing available to foreign clients, and to secure exports and overseas investments. Bpifrance, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts and of the State, trusted partner of entrepreneurs, supports companies from their start-up to their listing on the stock market, through credit, guarantees and equity. Bpifrance also provides support services and enhanced support for innovation, external growth and export in partnership with Business France and COFACE. Bpifrance offers companies a continuum of financing options for each key stage in their development, and a highly adaptive range of regionally-specific services.

CEO Information:

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French Government

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24 Rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France

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