Atradius | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Netherlands

Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Netherlands

Atradius | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in the Netherlands

About Atradius

Specialists in trade credit insurance, surety and debt collections, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our customers. We work alongside you to understand and support your business.

A summary of Atradius

Atradius – Benefits of using an ECA in Netherlands

  •  Credit Insurance
  •  Debt collection
  •  Reinsurance

Products and services offered by Atradius

Our products and services are designed to provide you with a suite of integrated commercial support. Built on a solid foundation of underwriting knowledge and expertise, our products represent powerful business tools. From energy to engineering, construction to food, our underwriters are experts in your sector and understand your individual industry needs from the inside.

  •  Credit Insurance
  •  Global
  •  Special Products
  •  Debt collection
  •  Bonding
  •  Reinsurance

History of Atradius

NCM had been founded in 1925 with the goal of improving trade for companies in the Netherlands. From 1932 onwards it also became the arm of the Dutch government through which it provided export credit services to Dutch companies. Atradius still performs this function through its affiliate Atradius Dutch State Business.

Both Gerling Credit and NCM made their own acquisitions before their combination, including the acquisition by NCM of the short-term arm of the UK government’s Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) in 1991 and private insurers such as Namur Assurances du Crédit S.A., Belgium by Gerling Credit in 1994, both of which have their own histories dating back to the birth of trade credit insurance around 1919.

The now international group was renamed Atradius in 2004. In 2008 the group merged with the Spanish credit insurer Crédito y Caución, founded in 1929, and subsequently gained an additional foothold in the Spanish speaking world.

Although now Spanish owned, the holding company Atradius N.V. and its headquarters remain in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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+31 20 553 9111


1 Horse Guards Rd, London SW1A 2HQ, United Kingdom

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David Ricardostraat 1 1066 JS Amsterdam Postbus 8982 1006 JD Amsterdam

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