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Freight Forwarding – At the Forefront of Global Trade

Freight forwarding helps you find the best way of getting your shipments from A to B. However simple or complex your supply chain is, we’ll help you get there. Logistics and geography is no longer a challenge.

Shipping and Transport

Air Freight – One of the fastest and safest forms of transport, air freight is for immediate shipments of standard or special cargo

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Ocean Freight – Sea freight accounts for the biggest volume of global imports and exports, for both small and larger orders

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Rail Freight – transporting goods by rail in APAC and Europe continues to grow, and with the One Belt One Road project underway, rail transport continues to grow

Road Freight – For domestic freight, road continues to be a popular option for cargo transport; there are a huge variety of options and vehicle types for road freight, depending on what you’re transporting

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Unlike some of our competitors, we are not tied to any lenders, we arrange a wealth of shipping brokers and freight forwarders for you in order to choose the most appropriate options for you.

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Freight Forwarding Knowledge Hub

  • Warehousing – You might need to store your goods once they arrive, but given the volume, product or . Read more →
  • Insurance – Marine, shipping and freight insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. If you’re the importer and the exporter is providing insurance, make sure you check up on what’s covered. Read more →
  • Courier Services – Courier services vary depending on the type of transport mechanism and the goods you’re transporting, there are 4 types, air, ocean, road and rail. Read more →
  • Documentation – Whether you need to understand a Waybill or obtain a Bill of Lading, our experts can help. Read our guides to freight documentation here. Read more →

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Hub Articles and Technical Terms

What is a Letter of Credit

Letters of credit (LCs), also known as documentary credits are financial instruments, issued by banks or specialist trade finance institutions, where payment is made to the exporter on behalf of the buyer, if the terms specified in the LC are fulfilled.

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How can a Bill of Lading help me transport goods?

A bill of lading will set out a list of the cargo which the ship is carrying as a receipt; this is provided by the master of the ship to the person who is consigning the goods. We sometimes see that it is abbreviated to be BoL or B/L. It is issued by a carrier of goods to acknowledge that they are in receipt of a cargo for shipment.

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What is demurrage?

Demurrage is a result of a failure to abide by the rules agreed to in a charter agreement. Specifically, it is when a charge is payable to the owner of a chartered ship on the failure to load or discharge the ship within an agreed time period.

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What is the difference between demurrage and detention?

Demurrage and detention are incredibly important terms that often lead to abandoning of container ship cargoes if the costs and meaning are not fully anticipated – so we’ve put together a quick guide outlining what these terms mean and why they’re important to understand.

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What is DSV Tracking?

DSV are able to assist with the transportation and logistics when moving product. They help with the delivery of product in a way that is safe, secure and on time. This may be by sea, road, air and rail. They can also assist with warehousing of goods.

DSV work globally and have a network of offices and warehouses. This assists with transporting goods globally.

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How do you import from China?

Sea freight shipping is the most popular shipping method for buyers when shipping from China. However, there are complex issues involved in shipping from China such as the freight related issues and the steep learning curve involved.

We’ve partnered with  Sourcing Bro to shed light on all you need to know about sea freight from China.

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What is inbound logistics?

Inbound logistics when looking at a trade cycle is understanding how goods are transported and stored when in transit; this could be on truck, ship, in warehouse or using air carrier. However, the efficiency of the logistics and path to the end buyer is key in creating a successful trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get an export and import license?

Answer here…

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What about using a freight forwarder if you know very little about logistics?

When people are not comfortable about shipping logistics, it is sometimes easier to use a freight forwarder. Their services vary and they can assist in improving efficiency both in relation to cost and time, as they are able to consolidate smaller shipments. They can also assist in your navigation around the rules when considering a voyage that you are not familiar with.

How do I choose a freight forwarder?

Are they a member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and so covered by freight liability insurance?

  • Have they worked with clients similar to you and do they have experience with similar products?
  • Do they work in the same countries you are shipping in?
  • Are their expertise restricted to a number of countries?
  • Can they handle multiple transport methods?


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