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Trade Finance Talks is a free publication covering thought leadership, insights and analysis on global trade. The issues feature experts in trade and receivables finance, the latest developments in fintech and geographical updates on international trade. 

Mini Magazine – October 2023

Issue 18 – September 2023

Trade Finance Talks Issue 18

Issue 17 – July 2023

Trade Finance Talks Issue 17

Issue 16 – May 2023

Trade Finance Talks Issue 16

Issue 15 – March 2023

Issue 14 – January 2023

Issue 13 – November 2022

Trade Finance Talks

Issue 12 – October 2022

Time's ticking for tech

Issue 11 – July 2022

Issue 11 cover

Issue 10 – June 2022

June issue cover

Issue 9 – May 2022

Issue 9

Issue 8 – Spring 2022

Trade at a tipping point

Issue 7 – Autumn 2021

Issue 7

Issue 6 – Spring 2021

Issue 6

A pathway towards sustainable trade finance

Issue 5 – Summer 2020

Issue 5
Coronavirus & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Issue 4 – Spring 2020

Issue 4
Challenging business: trade finance in risky markets

Issue 3 – Autumn 2019

Issue 3
Tradetech & Trade Wars #maketradenotwar

Issue 2 – Summer 2019

Issue 2
Gender, The Trade Finance Gap & Interoperability

Issue 1 – Spring 2019

Issue 1
An A to Z of Trade Finance, The Tradetech 40, Market Focus


Whitepapers & Guides

Our resources take a deeper technical guide into subject specific areas around trade and receivables. See our latest analysis, data and guides here. 


TFG-BAFT Letters of Credit Guide

A comprehensive guide to Documentary Credits

transshipment hub

TFG-S&P Global Whitepaper

Are transshipment hubs facilitating the movement of
Western-made components to Russia?


Trade & Export Finance Guide

SME Trade Finance Research

A Europe outlook


Tradetech Whitepaper

Accelerating trade digitalisation to support MSME financing

Digital Negotiable Instruments Initiative Whitepaper


Blockchain & DLT in Trade

Where do we stand?

Guide to Trade Finance

SME Trade Finance Guide


State of the Global Supply Chain Finance (GSCF) Market

UK and China trade corridors

Blockchain and Trade Finance

Blockchain & DLT in Trade

A reality check

TFG Guides

About the Author

Trade Finance Global (TFG) assists companies with raising debt finance. While we can access many traditional forms of finance, we specialise in alternative finance and complex funding solutions related to international trade. We help companies to raise finance in ways that is sometimes out of reach for mainstream lenders.

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