Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Germany

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft | Export Credit Agency (ECA) in Germany

Export Credit Guarantees and Untied Loan Guarantees have been well established and tried and tested foreign trade promotion instruments of the German Federal Government for decades. They are managed on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany by Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft as mandatary of the Federal Government.

A summary of Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft


Summary video of Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft and how it operates in Germany, Welcome to be a Euler Hermes customers. You’ll gain peace of mind through cash flow protection and knowledge to grow. Your account team, EOLIS and Advisory and Solutions Department are here to serve you.

Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft - Benefits of using an ECA in Germany

  • Provide protection against bad debt losses in connection with supplies to difficult and risky markets
  • SME to support their way in new markets
  • Investment opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products and services does Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft offer in Germany?

With their impressive staff of nearly 6,000, Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft offers a broad array of services:

  • Exports
  • Investments
  • Loan Guarantees
What is the history of Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft?

Although EHA has only been an institution present at the table since 2002, they have clearly established a strong and useful position in the process of German exporting trade.

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Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft


Germany, Europe


The Export Credit Guarantees of the Federal Republic of Germany support in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing trade relations with business partners abroad. The main purpose of Hermes Cover is to provide protection against bad debt losses in connection with supplies to difficult and risky markets. Besides, as a small or medium-sized enterprise, you will also benefit from easier access to export finance. Foreign business – yes, but on a safe basis

CEO Information:

Axel Theis Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft CEO






German Government


Gasstraße 27 22761 Hamburg

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