Exporting is GREAT

Exporting is GREAT

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The UK market need not be the ceiling for your business – the demand is out there, and we are here to support your international growth. Trade Finance Global is a partner of Exporting is GREAT. We’re here to help your doors to 7 billion potential customers.

More businesses like you are selling overseas – If they can, you can

2017 saw the value of UK exports increase to £650.7 billion, up 11% on the previous year

The UK is the second-largest service exporter in the world, and UK exports have increased by almost 40% since 2010

316,000 registered businesses in the UK have a product fit for export, or that could be developed to export, yet are not exporting

At Trade Finance Global, we can reach out to the decision makers and relevant lenders at a multitude of firms to make sure your application gets through quickly and reaches the right person.

Popular Export Products

Cars and Vehicles – One of the biggest exports globally, we’re experts in trading automobiles, working with car dealerships and fleet management services

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Raw Materials – From tobacco to spices, gold to bronze, commodities represent a large proportion of our trade finance portfolio

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Electronics – The circuit board, software and hardware markets have benefited huge growth as a result of consumer demand, find out about our electronics offering here

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Finished Goods – Our innovative structuring capabilities allow us to put together complex finance structures, even if the end goods are finished

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Soft Commodities / Grains – We’ll work with traders and producers to help them increase their trade flows in the jurisdications they’re operating in

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Metals – From scrap metal to alloys, we help traders and distributors access trade, receivable or PO finance for iron, steel and non-ferrous metals

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