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Businesses may look at exporting their product worldwide in order to grow and increase profits, reduce geopolitical and external risks. Our network specialises in certain regions and industries, so can help your business grow.

Trade finance can help finance your company at the lowest practicable cost. A financier will have access to various financing methods and can provide an exporter with flexible financial options, which meet the key needs of their business. Trade financiers can provide a solution that is quick, bespoke, provide ongoing support, outside of the box solutions, and this can be done alongside other financial agreements your company may have with the bank.

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For exporters in developing countries, a trade financier can provide facilities that are tailored to the needs of exporters (e.g. agricultural exporters) in places such as Africa, Latin America and Asia. We can provide a dedicated team, who are widely experienced in a variety of industries. There are usually no restrictions on product type; providing they are non-perishable goods. This can be coupled with our industry-specific expertise and an extensive network of producers and buyers worldwide. All of these facilities can be created quickly with fair and transparent conditions.


With a funder pre-financing the export contracts, it will enable an exporter to pay the suppliers upon delivery of their produce and this can bridge the time between storage and processing until the final shipment and payment has been completed.

Innovative and new trade finance solutions can play a key role in building sustainable long-term trading relationships between buyers in Europe, the United States and those more developed countries and exporters in developing countries.

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