We are at the forefront of global trade.

Trade Finance Global has a wealth of useful information, international networks and specialist funders to help finance your business as it trades internationally.

SME Finance

If you’re an SME, trade finance could help accelerate the growth of your business.

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Credit Insurance

Insurance reduces non-payments and protects your company against bad debts.

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For Exporters

Pre-finance your orders and export your goods or services around the world.

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For Importers

Your business can get import finance to pay suppliers or exporters upfront.

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Bonds and Guarantees

Be at ease and guarantee your orders or payments through Letters of Credit.

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Structured Terms of Payment and Loans

If you’re exporting high value goods, you can be more versatile on payment options.

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Currency Exposure and Risk Management

Protect your business trades from unfavourable geopolitical and currency risks.

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Shariah Compliant Finance

Our trade finance specialists offer Shariah Compliant finance products.

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Trade Finance Global can help your business

The aim of Trade Finance Global is to help accelerate businesses growth through financing trade. We provide the latest on supply chain finance, export finance and an array of services that reduce complications of a trade.

As businesses become global and compete at international levels, the need for bridges between buyer and seller, local expertise, and knowledgeable trade finance experts has never been more important. We provide information on everything you need to know about international trade finance, as well as the resources to export or import overseas.

What type of funding does my business need?

If you’re still unsure about what type of funding your business needs, we’ve made a fund finder which explains different types of funding a business can access to help it grow. This can help you decide whether it may be a good idea to explore debt or equity fund raising, as well as the advantages and disadvantages each has on your business.

Fund Finder

Our partners have lent over £300m in the last 2 years

Trade Finance is a non-bank funding solution .

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