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We partner with many companies across the market and work with those related to Barristers, Judges and QCs due to the nature of their payment cycles. The reason for this is their demanding roles and how payments work; we can assist with the financing of their transactions. Many Judges, QCs and Barristers have demanding work loads and find that a trial or case may go on for a long time with little payment while it is on-going. Due to the nature of their infrequent payment cycles, we work with debt funders in the market who can assist to fill these payment gaps.

Traditionally many Barristers, Judges and QCs would suffer short-term financial hardship when they are waiting for payment in live cases – this would sometimes mean unnecessary difficulty and pressure with the knowledge of future payment. We can work to provide QC Finance, Barrister Finance or Finance for Judges and structure a package that suits the professionals’ needs.

Trade Finance Global has extensive expertise in the legal market and clients can be confident that we are well positioned at the heart of the industry; we work with many of the best funders in the market. QC Finance, Barrister Finance or Finance for Judges is perceived by many as difficult debt to structure and not straightforward like other asset classes.

Those funders that we work with have an in-depth knowledge of the legal finance market and have the ability to offer flexible finance arrangements that work with many different types of set-ups. Every legal professional is unique, and it is our task to try and identify what the needs of the client are; structuring a suitable financing package in order to work with them.

Professions include:

  • Barristers
  • Solicitors​
  • Accountants​
  • Lawyers
  • Queen’s Counsel (QCs)

Uses of barrister and judge finance:

  • Cashflow
  • Insurance for Professional indemnity or liability
  • Training schemes
  • Purchasing Equipment of Computer hardware
  • Refurbing an existing Practice
  • Funding for Tax
  • Purchasing of Office equipment
  • VAT Funding
  • Practice relocations, acquisitions, mergers or expansion costs
  • Partner buy-ins/buy-outs
  • Fees purchase
  • You are looking for a finance facility
  • You have an established trading history
  • The business is creditworthy
When a legal professional is working on a lengthy matter it is not paid like another job, such as the monthly payment cycles of a consultant. This is due to the length, nature and complexity of the cases that they deal with. Thus a Barrister, QC or Judge may be waiting months for payment. We aim to assist with the payment gaps, which they are waiting for. This aims to allow less pressure, smooth trading and growth.


Trade Finance Global took an interesting approach to the debts, invoices and payment structures in relation to the length of cases which were being worked on. Allowing an easy to use finance facility with people who understand my business has promoted a less stressful caseload; which is thankfully ever growing! A new facility allows growth and flexibility, as there is less of a worry about how and when I will be paid.
Marc B, Barrister.

Case Study

QC, London

The inconsistency of payments is always a worry. Due to the nature of clinical negligence cases and the workload, one can never say for sure when payment will be; or to estimate from the time when one is instructed. The constant financial pressure sometimes impacts on ones home life and having the knowledge and ability of being able to draw on a facility has eased this pressure.

barristers finance

Benefits of legal and barrister finance

  • No security or directors guarantee required
  • Invoice discounting or stock finance available even if the banks may have refused
  • Our partners get you competitive market rates
  • Fast turnaround – get recruitment finance in less than 24 hours

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