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Shipping and Transport

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Shipping and Transport

Shipping is a mode of transport that is most commonly used when transporting large and heavy bulk commodities. When choosing the best mode of carriage for goods one usually looks at road, rail, sea and air. We wanted to discuss the factors to be aware of when looking at shipping as when trade finance facilities and more generally, multi-jurisdictional trade is involved we usually see shipping used as the most common mode of transport.

How do I choose a mode of transport?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a mode of transport. Many are listed above and others will have to be taken into account when understanding the goods you are dealing with, expertise you have available, distance of shipment, parties involved, profit margin and general criteria that surround the transaction. The above is a useful guide, but the reality rests with one financing and/or trading the goods.

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Road Freight – Short description here

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