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What is Retail Stock Finance?

Our specialist team can assist in providing a stock finance solution for retailers. This will release capital from the inventory that would be kept in stock, finished goods or work in progress.

Retail Stock Finance

The way this will usually work is where a lender will purchase stock that you hold at a reduced price after a stock valuation has been carried out. You will provide the financier with frequent stock listings prior to agreeing on future funding levels.

Products financed

Key retail stock we finance

  • Clothes
  • Bags
  • Jewellery
  • Electronic equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Art
  • Toys
Trade Finance Requirements
  •  Your business is looking for £50k+ trade finance
  •  You want to raise retail finance against stock/ buyers
  •  Your business is creditworthy
How the transaction works

When a customer wants to raise finance against stock, we will assist in creating a tailor-made financing solution at the best rate that is based on your individual circumstances. This is then repaid over time.

What is the SIC Code for Retail Stock Finance?

The SIC Code for is SIC G-47-50 (Wholesale and Retail Trade)

Other SIC Codes that could also be used are:

  • 47510 Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores
  • 47520 Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialised stores
  • 47530 Retail sale of carpets, rugs, wall and floor coverings in specialised stores
  • 47540 Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialised stores
  • 47591 Retail sale of musical instruments and scores
  • 47599 Retail of furniture, lighting, and similar (not musical instruments or scores) in specialised store
  • 47610 Retail sale of books in specialised stores
  • 47620 Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialised stores
  • 47630 Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialised stores
  • 47640 Retail sale of sports goods, fishing gear, camping goods, boats and bicycles
  • 47650 Retail sale of games and toys in specialised stores
  • 47710 Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores
  • 47721 Retail sale of footwear in specialised stores
  • 47722 Retail sale of leather goods in specialised stores


Case Study

Watch Dealership

A company with a couple of retail outlets in Somerset that sells watches to customers in both the UK and internationally. The client wanted financing to be raised against the products they held. Trade Finance Global assisted with creating a finance solution for the clients and will help in providing further support as the business expands.

Speak to our trade finance team


  •  No security or personal guarantee required
  •  Retail stock finance available even if the banks refuse finance
  •  Our partners find you solutions to increase trade
  •  Fast turnaround – get retail stock finance in 24 hours


What is Stock Finance?

About the Author

Mark heads up the trade finance offering at TFG where his team focuses on bringing in alternative structured finance to international trading companies. Prior to joining TFG (, Mark qualified as a lawyer with a top ranked global trade and structured commodity finance team.

Mark has previously advised commodity trading firms, banks and alternative capital providers on international structured trade financings, pre-export, prepayment and limited recourse structures – notably in the oil, soft commodities and metals sectors. This has included mining finance projects, structured letter of credit facilities, receivables discounting and forfaiting agreements.

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