Attend the 30th ExCred International event and join more than 350 decision-makers from across credit and political risk.

Hilton Tower Bridge, London

3rd – 4th March 2020

ExCred International – “The Leading Event for The Global Trade & Investment Insurance Industry” is an annual
conference that brings insights to attendees on a different topics and strategies on trade finance.

This annual conference is a great networking opportunity to develop new and/or nourish current business relationships.

Hear from the industries most influential professionals on how trade credit & political risk insurance is facilitating international trade and investment.

There is no shortage of instability across the globe today. From the escalating trade war between China and the US, to rising tensions in the Gulf, this conference will primarily analyse the key geopolitical developments affecting global trade and investment appetite. It will also look at the hotspots to keep an eye on for the next 12 months.

As banks and corporates continue to expand their use of insurance, ExCred provides the perfect opportunity to create new relationships and strengthen existing ones. 

Conference Highlights

Lending in Africa: Is There a Liquidity/Risk Mitigation Mismatch?
A panel discussion on:

  • the causes on increasing flow of transactions
  • African governments response to corruption and transparency
  • capacity to mitigate the amount of Sub Saharan African demand
  • the role of multilateral financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Going Green: Closing the SDG Financing Gap
A panel discussion on:

  • trade and export finance contribution to closing the SDG Financing gap
  • ECA’s response to incorporate SDGs
  • disadvantages and advantages of “sustainable transactions

Supporting SME Exporters
A panel discussion on:

  • How can more SMEs gain access to trade finance and export finance?
  • How is it possible to enable deals between £5m to £30m when banks are unable to viably finance them?
  • Could concessional lending enable more SMEs to gain access to export finance? What are the obstacles to this?
  • What have been the most useful ways the insurance product has been used to support your business? What are the existing shortfalls of the product?

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