FCI’s African Chapter decided to organize a regional event, focusing on a regional view on factoring, offering attendees a unique opportunity, not only to discuss the current state of the industry, new challenges and products & markets development but also to network with players from the same region.

Radisson Blu Hotel Upperhill Elgon Road Nairobi, Kenya

27th – 28th February 2020

FCI was set up in 1968 as an umbrella organisation for independent factoring companies around the world. Today, FCI has grown into the world’s representative factoring network and association with close to 400 members in 90 countries with member transactions representing nearly 90% of the world’s international correspondent factoring volume. Today, FCI is truly the global representative body for the Factoring & Receivables Finance Industry.

FCI offers three major areas of activities:

  • CONNECT: the Business network supports cross-border factoring activities through which its members cooperate as export and import factors.
  • EDUCATE: FCI promotes and develops best practices in both domestic and international factoring and related Open Account Finance products.
  • INFLUENCE: FCI promotes and defends the Industry with stakeholders and policy makers worldwide.

The objective of the conference is to share ideas on the best practice as regards regulatory and legal regime, innovation and credit insurance that can facilitate the growth of factoring in support of SMEs, among other relevant topics. The conference which will involve a combination of presentations and interactive discussions, will be facilitated mainly by FCI, the global leading factoring association as well as leading experts on the subject

Companies use Factoring as a flexible source of financing as it facilitates the much-needed access to finance by corporates and SMEs thereby improving their competitiveness based on the focus on Open Account Trade and the Two–Factor System, which has proven to be most effective during periods of financial and economic challenges.

Conference Highlights

Panel Discussion and Q&A
• Evolution of Factoring
• Opportunities, and challenges facing the receivables finance
• Innovating and providing more financing solutions to SME’s

Presentation: Mechanics of Cross Border Factoring
• What is international Factoring – Schematic/Diagram
• Mechanics of International Factoring
• Correspondent Factoring System
• Role of Import Factor and Export Factor
• EdiFactoring.com
• Advantages of international Factoring and comparison with
traditional trade finance

Panel Discussion and Q&A
• New Horizons: One-Belt One-Road from Fuzhou to Nairobi
• How can Cross-Border Factoring participate in the promotion of
the Economic growth in Eastern Africa?

Key Success Elements in setting up Factoring activities / Role of FCI /
Advantages of FCI membership

• Legal & juridical environment
• Systems/Communication platform
• Network

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