LONDON, March 2, 2020. Trade Finance Global has released its latest issue of Trade Finance Talks entitled ‘Challenging Business: Trade Finance in Developing Markets.

Foreword: Storm in a teacup – trade finance in the trickiest markets

In this issue, we look at the challenges of serving the growing opportunities in emerging and developing economies (EDEs) and how trade and supplying financing should play a role in financing sustainable development.



1.1 Foreword: Trade Finance Global & International Trade Center

1.2 Access to trade & receivables finance in the mid-market

Trade and Supply Chain Finance Predictions for 2020

2.1 Alexa, get me trade finance

Challenging Business

3.1 EBRD |  “Green”: the new transition concept

3.2 Standard Chartered Bank | Breaking down sustainability barriers in global supply chains

3.3 Bob Ronai | Why the simple language of Incoterms® 2020 rules will grow trade in emerging markets

Innovation and trade finance in developing markets

4.1 Global Trade Solution | Can the blockchain revolution address port congestion in Africa?

4.2 International Trade Center | Innovative trade financing and risk mitigation to accelerate sustainable development

Blockchain & Trade Finance

5.1 ICC, TFG, WTO | The role of DLT on MSME firms in the international trade industry

5.2 Periodic table of DLT projects

The unintended consequences of regulation on access to trade finance

6.1 ICC Banking Commission | Overcoming challenges to trade finance provision

6.2 ITFA | Originating and distributing trade assets in the emerging markets

6.3 BAFT | An overview of trade finance compliance issues & challenges

Will ESG Fix it?

7.1 Gulf International Bank |  Applying ESG to trade finance assets

7.2 Oxford University Economics | Private firms in emerging markets need to respond to climate change as well

Markets Focus 

8.1 South America

8.1.1 Idris Nur | Renewable energy as an economic development strategy: the Chilean case

8.2 Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States

8.2.1 SME Banking  | Digitalization of Trade Finance services for SMEs in the CEE region

8.2.2 Raiffeisen Bank International AG | The role of correspondent and  multilateral development banks in facilitating trade in CEE 

8.2.3 Sberbank | Market overview trade finance in Russia

8.3 Africa

8.3.1 Afreximbank | Accelerating the growth of African trade

8.3.2 BACB | Relationship banking remains the key to expanding African trade

8.4 Middle East and North Africa 

8.4.1 SABB | How Asia can lead a new era of trade growth for Saudi Arabia

8.5 Central Asia

8.5.1 Drum Risk | Inspection company perspective trade finance in emerging and developing markets

8.6 Asia Pacific

8.6.1 Shirley Liu | Bridging the Gap with Technology: South-East Asian trade finance

8.6.2 Bank of America | 2020 – A challenging year for global trade, an APAC perspective