4th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Summit

October 8th-9th 2024


Trade is transforming

Global trade fuels progress, but outdated supply chains hinder efficiency. Explore how technology transforms logistics for resilience and a sustainable future. 

International commerce and logistics is changing to overcome new difficulties and seize opportunities. Amid protectionism and international conflict, new commercial hubs and the need for sustainable operations, there is the promise of technology, growth markets and new supply and procurement models. What does this mean as you plan ahead?

With the support of The Executive Office in Dubai, attendees will navigate the complexities of the current trade landscape and ensure that supply chains remain efficient, resilient and future-proof.

Delve into the UAE’s strategy for economic diversification and examine the contrasting trade policies of the American presidential candidates and their ramifications. The expert speakers will also explore the practical impacts of AI technology on procurement and supply chains.