The UK-EU Free Trade Agreement was reached just days before the UK’s departure from the Single Market and Customs Union. The deal provides for zero tariffs and sero quotas, providing a basis for a more positive future cooperation, in comparison to trading on WTO terms.

Agreements reached between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the European Union

The UK Government summary on the UK-EU FTA. Read more →

10 key details in the UK-EU trade deal

Now comes the scramble to work out what it means for individuals and businesses — and, inevitably, lawyers — across 28 countries. The deal itself is 1,246 pages long, but there are summaries, side agreements and additional political declarations on a range of sensitive issues to consider, too. Read more →

UK-EU trade deal

UK and Turkey sign trade deal

The UK and Turkey have locked in tariff-free trading arrangements, which will support our trading relationship worth £18.6 billion in 2019, and committed to working towards a more ambitious trade agreement in the future. Read more →

Government extends shield to sustain UK trade

The UK government, the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Euler Hermes – the world’s leading trade credit insurer – and other underwriters have agreed to extend the landmark State Support Scheme to protect intercompany trade into 2021. Read more →

Breakthrough for air travel as Singapore becomes first government to accept digital COVID-19 test results for immigration purposes

ICC has announced the first ever use of a digital travel pass by a national immigration authority to verify the Covid-19 status of inbound travellers, following the conclusion of a ground-breaking pilot in partnership with International SOS and the Government of Singapore. Read more →

COVID-19 test results

Top of the (Trade) Pops 2020

As we end 2020, here’s our very own ‘Top of the (Trade) Pops’ 🏆 and our musings from the trade community with our ‘Year in Review’. Read more →

TFG ends 2020 with top 10 Christmas Countdown

The TFG team took a step out of the 2020 rollercoaster, and we released our top 10 of the very best trade highlights from 2020. Here were the highlights. Read more →

Christmas Countdown