Top 10 – Christmas Countdown from TFG

As we approach Christmas, following a very unusual year for global trade, we take a step out of the 2020 rollercoaster, and will be releasing our top 10 of the very best trade highlights from 2020, one per day, until Christmas.

Happy holidays from the Trade Finance Global team!

So – what are you waiting for, let’s reveal our first of 10 for 2020:

10 – Celebrating Women in Trade

Earlier this year, TFG celebrated the economic, cultural, political and social achievements for women, because an equal world is an enabled world. We spoke to 18 female role models within the trade space, asking for their stories, advice and challenges on the way to becoming the inspirational leaders that they are today.

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Day 9

It seems like a while ago now, but 2020 marked the launch of the recently revised Incoterms Rules 2020. We’ve made a shiny new rule by rule hub, summarising the 11 Incoterms which have recently been revised by the ICC.

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Day 8

The ICC’s Survey on Trade Finance reveals the industry-wide challenges and disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke to ICC Working Group Chair, Alexander Malaket, on the key findings.

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Day 7

36 alumni graduated from the Trade Finance Global (TFG) / The London Institute of Banking & Finance International Trade Professional’s Programme (ITPP) this year. The cohort worked closely with TFG’s editorial team to plan, scope and produce a journalistic piece of content on a pre-agreed topic within international trade and finance. The top 10 writers of the year’s cohort will be enrolled onto a trade finance course, certified by LIBF.

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Day 6

Free Trade Finance guide for corporates and large businesses!

The ITFA / Trade Finance Global (TFG) guide aims at clarifying and defining standard definitions for trade finance products, as well as the risks, challenges and opportunities within trade finance.

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Day 5

Our Global Executive Forum series with SME Finance Forum featured the biggest names and leaders in international trade and finance. From the EBA to the World Bank Group, the OECD-G20 to the ICC, we reflect on some of our favourite interviews and insights on the world stage.

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Day 4

We launched our tradecast (webinar) series this year, which included TFG webinars, conversations and thought leadership, to keep you abreast with the latest from global trade community during the pandemic.

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Day 3

Free Guide – SME Trade Finance, a trade finance guide for SME importers and exporters

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), The Institute of Export & International Trade, International Trade Centre, Forum of Private Business and SME Finance Forum, Managed by the IFC (International Finance Corporation) to bring you this SME Trade Finance Guide.

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Day 2

Do you know why AI is poised to disrupt international trade? What on earth is a borrowing base? In this two part series, we took a moment to demystify some of the buzzwords and 2019 trends, an A to Z around trade, tech and finance.

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Day 1

Christmas Day’s reveal – International Trade Awards, in cooperation with BAFT….

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Happy Holidays from Trade Finance Global – See you in 2021!