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Season 1, Episode 58

Host: Deepesh Patel (DP), Editor, Trade Finance Global


James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital at Barclays

Trade Finance Talks

ESG. Environmental, Social and Governance. Three words we hear more and more. But what does it actually mean? Both corporates and consumers are focusing on environmental and sustainability practices when making financial decisions. Consumers are demanding ethically and sustainably sourced products, and it’s leading to questions around the transparency of global value chains. As businesses look towards ESG factors in their trade finance decisions, we’re here today discussing whether financial instruments in trade can address these concerns.


Here is what was covered on this podcast:

  • The definition of sustainable and green finance and how it relates to trade finance?
  • What green bond guarantees and indemnities are
  • About Barclay’s Green Bond Guarantees and Indemnities
  • How far is sustainable finance about empowering the consumer?
  • What are the ‘green concerns’ traders, sellers and consumers have in mind when they are securing deals?
  • How do we measure and track success that these transactions meet various goals, e.g. consumer demands, UN SDGs and the number of green standards that are cropping up?
  • The role of education in sustainable finance and green initiatives
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