The World of Open Account is in the first place a digital community. But once per year, the community goes off-line to meet for real. To discuss business opportunities and share to insights.

Hilton Hotel Antwerp, Belgium

7th-8th October, 2019

The meeting starts with an icebreaker reception on Monday 7th of October. Tuesday 8th is a full day of conference and discussions. The convention ends on Tuesday evening with a networking dinner.

Engage, Inspire, innovate
To register for the inaugural Conference under the theme “A World of Opportunities”, click here.

Conference Highlights

The WOA convention will be different from any other conference you have attended:

  • Short enough to fit into your busy schedule
  • Long enough to give you the opportunity  to meet everyone
  • Short presentations that will really inspire
  • Lots of interaction, Q&As, discussions (after all, in the first place WOA is and remains a community)
  • No heavy tourism (because you are here for business), but sufficient time for socializing and networking in a friendly atmosphere
  • Less than half the price of most one-day conferences
  • But lots of content that matters and a personalized approach for an unforgettable event 

Keynote speakers of the conference will be Koen De Leus, Chief Economist of BNP Paribas Fortis and Steve Box, Chairman and Deputy Chair of UK Asset Based Finance Association. Justine Henin, winner of 7 Grand Slams, 2 Master titles, World’s N° 1 tennis player during 117 weeks, Gold Medal at 2004 Olympics… will take the audience on a fascinating journey to success in sport, in business and life.

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