E-Invoicing Exchange Summit

27-29 September 2021

Vienna, Austria

E-Invoicing is being mandated by a growing number of governments all over the globe. The desire to close the VAT gap is one main driver, but for corporates, this results in a growing variety of requirements and thus demands increasing efforts to stay ahead of the compliance curve. In the light of process efficiency, they need a  more standardised and harmonised reporting to tax administrations.

This year, the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit offers deep insights into:  

  • E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls in the Digital Age 
  • Global trends and requirements in E-Invoicing, E-Reporting and E-Audit + Country updates from Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Germany and France 
  • Requirements and challenges from the perspective of multinational companies and SMEs


WORKSHOP: Monday, September 27, 2021
10:30 AM – 04:30 PM

Start your participation at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit with attending the pre-conference workshop.


(Details will follow)

Workshop facilitated by Christoph Zenner Partner and Ellen Cortvriend Director, PwC, Belgium


Here is a first glimpse of the agenda. At this time, we are working at full speed to create an interesting programme for you. Stay up to date on the current developments and subscribe to our news update.

Current status of B2G and B2B E-Invoicing in France

  • Update on the French plans to make B2B E-Invoicing mandatory (2023-2025)
  • Implications of the E-Invoicing reform for editors and software providers
  • An E-Invoicing structured data dictionary for France
  • Ordinance to be issued in September 2021
  • Platforms and certification: a way to E-Compliance
  • Reliable Audit Trails
  • Recent developments of B2G E-Invoicing in France with Chorus Pro

Speakers: Lucien Gimenez Trainer and Expert in Audit and E-Invoicing and Bruno Saurel Chairman, INFOCERT – technical secretary of AFNOR Certification and specialist in software certification

Corporate´s pain with unharmonised E-Invoicing and Tax Reporting – a European Cross-Comparison

  • The five fingers of the taxman: tax transparency vs. business efficiency
  • General requirements from the perspective of multinational companies
  • Why should tax reporting be linked to E-Reporting?
  • Need for standardization or harmonization at European level
  • How do we train interdisciplinary know-how carriers in the field of tax/IT?

Speakers: Alexander Kollmann Project Manager Tax International / Tax Technology, Schwarz Dienstleistungs KG (Lidl, Kaufland)

Evolving VAT Compliance Landscape

  • Data-driven compliance
  • E-Invoicing in the VAT compliance lifecycle
  • E-Invoicing implementation challenges: global companies vs. SMEs

Speakers: Aleksandra Bal Indirect Tax Technology & Operations Lead, Stripe

E-Invoicing in Germany – Status Quo and Outlook

Ivo Moszynski will present the current status and ongoing activities on the topic of E-Invoicing and E-Procurement in Germany. In his presentation he will also cover aspects of current developments regarding Order-X and ongoing discussions about future E-Invoicing mandates and a possible implementation of a clearance model.

Speakers: Ivo Moszysnki Chair of FeRD (Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany)

E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls in the Digital Age

  • Global overview of recent and future trends and requirements on E-Invoicing, E-Reporting and E-Audit requirements
  • Country updates: Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India
  • Digital tax compliance and exchange of information
  • How these recent trends interact with a company’s broader AP/AR process

Speakers: Christoph Zenner Partner and Ellen Cortvriend Director, PwC, Belgium

Fiscalization could be easier

There is a big movement in the market around fiscalization. Germany has just gone fiscal, shortly before Austria and France. And the trend will continue.

  • Let’s create a business map and show where to put E-Invoicing and where we should put fiscalization
  • Let’s continue with this geographical map and get an overview about fiscal countries in Europe
  • Let’s continue with a map of challenges retailers have in the international fiscal environment
  • Let’s learn why those challenges are there
  • Let’s finally discuss how can we make it better!

Speakers: Milan Lazarevic CEO, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o., Serbia

Automating Invoice processing with RPA and AI: How and When

New technologies as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are becoming more and more relevant in the invoice management, bringing efficiency and automation to the process. Looking at successful business cases, in this presentation you will learn how and when RPA and AI can be implemented.

Speakers: Enrico Liverani Chief Consulting & Key Account Director, Digitechs, Italy

Game-Changer: E-Invoicing. Build on experience.

  • 100+ e-invoicing projects: Sharing proven keys to success
  • Harnessing the potential of digitalization
  • Why ground rules are important

Speakers: Richard Luckow Key Account Manager xSuite Group