Agri-D 2021 Convention


12 November 2021

An open event for all, the Agri-D Convention provides a gateway for the agriculture and food industry to explore and learn about Blockchain & DLT technology. Connecting a global network of industry experts and professionals to help build the solutions of tomorrow, today.

Reasons to Attend

Live Talks

World-leading Institutions, Industry, Technology Experts and more provide inspirational keynotes & presentations surrounding the influences and solutions that blockchain & DLT can provide within Agriculture.


Global experts offer up interactive workshops to introduce the technology & solutions that can change the future of agriculture.


Live and open Q&A sessions with leading individuals from the DLT, Tech, and Agriculture sectors.

Live Panels

Topical discussions from experts across a range of different sectors within the Agri-D space.


Interactive networking for growth and collaborations across all areas of the Agriculture sector.

Key Topics of Discussion

  • Digital Identity
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Economy
  • Trade
  • Rural Development
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Equality
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Trust
  • Future Farming
  • Collaborative Futures
  • Tech for Good

Limited Free Tickets