Featuring: Alan Ball, Structured and Bespoke Solutions, Texel Group

Host: Silja Calac, Head of Insurance Relations and Head of Treasury, ITFA

The accompanying video is part of a presentation given by Alan Ball at the invitation Silja Calac of ITFA on the area of synthetic securitisation. While synthetic securitisation can be a highly technical area, it is also an area of growing interest in the insurance market. The section of the presentation covered in the video was intended to serve as a high-level and basic introduction to the area for those who have no prior background in securitisation and to describe how insurers are beginning to play a role on these transactions.

In the video, the following topics are covered and discussed:

  • The background to the synthetic securitisation market.
  • What exactly is a synthetic securitisation and how it differs from a traditional securitisation.
  • Why banks execute these transactions and typical features
  • Why these transactions are attractive to insurer and banks alike and how insurers are beginning to play a role.