The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance has announced the commencement of a milestone as an International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission begins its first review of a substantial $15.6 billion loan program. Approved in March, this four-year program is a component of a global package amounting to $115 billion, which aims to provide comprehensive support to Ukraine’s economy in its ongoing struggle against Russia’s full-scale invasion.

During the upcoming meetings in Vienna, the Ukrainian delegation will engage in crucial discussions with IMF experts, focusing on various key areas. 

These include Ukraine’s economic performance, the situation in the energy sector, as well as efforts to ensure the rule of law, enhance transparency, and combat corruption. Additionally, a portion of these meetings will be conducted via online platforms, facilitating constructive dialogue between Ukrainian officials and IMF representatives.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal conveyed his determination to establish an international compensation mechanism that directs confiscated Russian assets towards Ukraine’s reconstruction. Through the Telegram messaging app, he underscored the significance of the IMF’s support in this endeavour, along with the need for continued assistance from global partners to consolidate financial support. 

Upholding the necessary conditions for continued IMF support is of paramount importance, requiring Ukraine to undertake measures such as boosting tax revenue, maintaining exchange rate stability, preserving central bank independence, and strengthening anti-corruption efforts.

The Ukrainian economy has faced severe devastation due to the ongoing conflict, necessitating substantial aid from Western nations to meet social and humanitarian obligations. As a pioneering conventional financing program approved by the IMF for a country grappling with a large-scale war, the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) loan for Ukraine holds significant strategic importance.

This review marks a critical juncture in Ukraine’s pursuit of economic stability and recovery. The IMF’s continued support and collaboration with Ukraine exemplify the shared commitment to strengthening the country’s financial resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.