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Cargill and BAR Technologies’ latest innovation, BAR Tech WindWings by Yara Marine, has set sail. This technology aims to cut cargo ship emissions by up to 30%.

Amidst the global shift towards greener trade, the maritime industry has responded with WindWings.

The wing sails, up to 37.5 meters in height, have been retrofitted on Mitsubishi’s Pyxis Ocean, chartered by Cargill. Installed at China’s COSCO shipyard, the Pyxis Ocean is on its maiden voyage.

Jan Dieleman, President of Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business, remarked, “The maritime industry is on a journey to decarbonize. At Cargill, we prioritize sustainable solutions. Partnering with Mitsubishi Corporation, we’ve adopted WindWings to push towards this objective.”

This project receives support from the European Union’s CHEK Horizon 2020 initiative. The focus is on retrofitting solutions, considering the age of many global bulker fleets. The WindWings performance will be closely monitored, with insights shaping broader industry application.

BAR Technologies and Yara Marine Technologies plan to produce more sails in the upcoming years, while also investigating advanced ship designs.

John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, noted, “Innovative approaches are crucial for reducing international shipping CO2 emissions. The WindWings technology presents a major step in that direction.”

In the broader context of trade finance, the emphasis on sustainable practices continues to grow, with companies like Cargill, BAR Technologies, and Mitsubishi Corporation leading the way.