Allianz Trade and specialist credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) broker BPL have launched a new collaboration to transform how underwriters and brokers share enquiry data using Application Programming Interface (API) integration via the independent digital trading platform Whitespace, a Verisk business.

This initiative aims to address inefficiencies faced by underwriters in the bank non-payment insurance sector. Currently, the market generates an estimated 10,000+ enquiries annually, requiring underwriters to manually input data from diverse, unstructured formats. This process incurs significant time and resource costs, risk of human error, and poses a constraint on market growth.

By establishing a standardised framework for typical non-payment insurance enquiries, Allianz Trade and BPL have created an end-to-end API-integration system. 

This system allows insurers and brokers to exchange enquiry data instantly and seamlessly between their own systems via Whitespace, a well-established platform in the insurance industry that facilitates the offer, negotiation, placement, and binding of (re)insurance contracts securely. Following a successful proof of concept, the initiative is now live.

Christophe White, Global Head, Specialty Credit, Allianz Trade, said, “I want our underwriters to be entirely focused on underwriting. While flawless data entry is critical, it is more efficiently managed through an API plug-in, freeing up time for our underwriters to add more value for our clients. Our collaboration with BPL means that they can do just this, with Verisk’s Whitespace – a trusted and non-proprietary platform – ensuring independence and added data security. While we are delighted to already be reaping the benefits, the next step is sharing these efficiencies more widely.”

Sian Aspinall, Group CEO, BPL, said, “We are thrilled to see our shared vision with Allianz Trade come to life. But crucially, we took care to ensure the standardised framework that underpins the integration could work for our whole market. Our proven model is built to be scaled and we collectively encourage our market to consider joining by accessing the system either through an API or simply through the Whitespace platform itself. As more do, we will see the true power of the initiative unlocked – solving our collective pain point and catalysing market growth.”

Grant Elliott, Chief Commercial Officer for Whitespace, a Verisk business, said, “We are delighted to support Allianz Trade and BPL in their collaboration, and were impressed throughout the process by their dedication to solve what has been a long-standing challenge among brokers and insurers. Their trust in Verisk’s Whitespace Platform is hugely exciting, and we hope this work inspires other market participants to consider how data-first digital trading can help them overcome operational challenges and bring greater efficiencies to our market.”