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Exploring new opportunities for financing energy projects in Africa, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) will host a New Year reception at the Waldorf Hilton in London, supporting European investment opportunities across the continent to drive economic growth and socioeconomic development.

The AEC will host a special New Year reception event at the Waldorf Hilton luxury hotel in London on 26 January, where participants will be encouraged to explore new avenues in financing energy projects in Africa. 

During the event, investors and African energy leaders will be given a platform to support energy initiatives that drive economic growth and human development across the continent.

The AEC’s Invest in African Energy Reception Event will focus on developing an oil and natural gas market in Africa to serve as the foundation of the continent’s energy industry and transition. 

NJ Ayuk, executive chairman of the AEC said, “African nations must focus on developing a natural gas market to serve as the foundation of the continent’s energy industry.

Africa will be unable to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals unless we tap into all resources available, which is why we must encourage and facilitate international investment, specifically from Europe, in oil and gas in order to fairly and economically participate in the global energy transition and drive socioeconomic development throughout the continent.”

Advancing an agenda for the African energy sector, the AEC strives to unite governments and credible businesses to spur growth under international standard business practices and position Africa to capitalise on energy investment through strategic partnerships and trade.

The Invest in African Energy Reception will provide an opportunity for investors to explore various initiatives, which include gas-to-power and renewable energy developments, as well as oil and natural gas exploration and production prospects.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, demand for gas in Europe is expected to rapidly increase in the coming years.

Africa is positioned to take advantage of its immense untapped resources and become a major supplier of oil and natural gas and ensure global energy security, while tackling the challenges and opportunities across the continent.

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Set to serve as the first of many of the AEC’s Energy Receptions globally business leaders, investors, and government representatives will unite in London – a city that boasts many Africa-focused investment firms – in good faith to advance mutually beneficial trade and investment partnerships under the common goal of advancing African governance while improving energy access, human rights, food and water security, and education on the continent.

Additionally, the reception event comes on the heels of a partnership between pan-African trade finance institution, the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) and the African Energy Week (AEW) in 2022.

Under a mandate to make energy poverty history in Africa by 2030, the partnership will see both AEW and Afreximbank uniting the power of investment and value creation, driving stronger energy developments in 2022 and beyond.

The partnership also aims to further attract investment from the UK to facilitate capacity building, the advocacy and financing of African companies, and the development of infrastructure in the continent’s energy sector.

The Invest in African Energy reception event will serve as the premier platform for international dignitaries, executives, and companies to participate and operate in Africa’s energy sector.

Access to affordable and reliable energy will be fundamental towards development, while simultaneously showcasing the pressing need to balance all forms of energy development to ensure a just energy transition and mitigate the global energy crisis.

Taking place on 26 January 2023, the Invest in African Energy Reception Event will be held at the Waldorf Hilton luxury hotel in Aldwych, London. Participation is open to all guests and RSVP is essential. RSVP to