Exporting to Poland

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Exporting to Poland

The main exports of Poland are vehicle parts (around $10B), cars (around $5.5B), seats (around $4B), refined petroleum (around $4B) and video displays (over $3.5B). The main export destinations of Poland are Germany (around $45B), the United Kingdom ($12B), France (around $11B), the Czech Republic (around $11B) and Russia ($10B). The main import countries are Germany (around $45B), Russia ($20B), China ($19B), Italy ($11B) and the Netherlands (around $8B).

Exports in Poland have increased to almost 170 EUR Million a year on average. It was the highest annual exports recorded so far. Exports in Poland have averaged around 8000 EUR Million from 2000 until around 2015 and reached a peak of around 15500 EUR Million in November of 2015 and a low of 2500 EUR Million in January of 2000. The main export of Poland is of processed fruit, dairy products, vegetables, and meat. They also export electromechanical products, vehicles, aircraft and vessels. Poland is the largest of the newer European Union (EU) member states. It has been one of the fastest developing countries in the EU in recent years. In 2014 its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by over 3%.

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