FinTech is revolutionising financial services. FinTech will be financial services in just a few short years. Leveraging the power of technology, agile ways of working and a disruptive and innovative mindset, FinTech is providing consumers and businesses access to better, fairer and more sustainable financial products and services.

In the global race for FinTech leadership, the UK is dominating. It is the capital of the world when it comes to FinTech, and UK FinTech Week 2020 will be a tour de force of financial innovation and collaboration, bringing the pioneers of tomorrow together across the UK.

LOCATION: London and joint events across the UK

DATES: 20th April – 24th April 2020

UK FinTech Week is the best possible opportunity to find out why the UK will remain a world leading FinTech hub, and it means packing a year’s worth of FinTech engagement into just 5 days.