TFG are delighted to partner with TXF Global Trade Virtual 2020, an online festival of debate around the 400-year-old trade industry, bringing together corporates, financial institutions, regulators, trade investors and trade experts on TXF’s brand new virtual event platform.

Where: Virtual

When: 8th – 10th December 2020

Use the code TFGPASS for free access to this event.

With 2020 being a rollercoaster ride for trade, this conference aims to present the big challenges and opportunities, putting trade at the centre of the conversation.

This virtual event, taking place on TXF’s custom-build platform will be one of the largest gatherings of trade finance professionals at the moment and will give everyone the opportunity to listen to key speaking panels, take part on interactive discussions but also join one to one and group private conversations through a messaging service or a video call. 

Use the code TFGPASS for free access to this event.

Conference Highlights

TXF Global Trade Virtual 2020

  • The trade landscape in 2020
  • FI-supported trade during the crisis
  • Review of the impact of the US presidential election on global trade
  • Trends in trade
  • The peculiar economics of trade finance
  • Trade finance as an asset class
  • Treasury
  • Keynote treasurer interviews
  • Responsible trade and supply chain finance
  • The pandemic, the vaccine and trade – an update
  • 10 steps to financing international trade sustainably: incentives, restrictions, sacrifices, stipulations and rewards
  • New adventures in supply chain finance
  • Distribution, insurance and risk transfer
  • Trade receivables
  • Risk and secondary market distribution for trade and receivables assets

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