This event is reserved to FCI members and is free of charge.

The event will commence with a 2,5-hour plenum session on America to present the latest developments and some highlights as well as a panel discussion. This will give an opportunity for members around the world to listen in on what’s actually happening on the ground in our industry in the highlighted region. Afterwards, there will be two half-day sessions, whereby members globally can organize short 15-minute bilateral meetings with those other members located in the highlighted region, all organised via FCI’s new specialized online platform.

Where: Virtual

When: From Tuesday 20 April 16:00 to Wednesday 21 April 12:00

The bilateral meetings are taking place on zoom. The plenum session is displayed from the special platform.

The networking session is solely for the purpose of introducing yourselves with other existing members and to meet new members from the respective highlighted region. For this second event of the series, Members from around the world will be able to connect with the American members for a maximum 15-minute session, as a means of introduction and business development. It’s a great means to make an introduction and to organize future discussions as well. It also means that one of the correspondents in the meeting has to be from the America region.

Members should be represented on the call by the following:  general correspondents, at least one representative from the International Department senior management team, and preferably on senior executive from the trade finance division or executive management team of the member. Please block your calendars, especially during the 8-hour networking session.

Each participant from a member should be registered individually.