FCI Academy is offering a unique opportunity to listen & understand the latest developments on frauds in our industry by organising a 2-day webinar on “Changing Risk Patterns and Fraud Management in Receivables and Payables Finance” on 16-17 June. The webinar’s objectives are to:

Changing Risk Patterns and Fraud Management

in Receivables & Payables Finance

16 June 2021 – 14:00-17:00 CET

17 June 2021 – 14:00-17:00 CET

  • provide all participants with knowledge on risks patterns and fraud management in Receivables Finance and Payable Finance
  • to learn about the risks we face during and post-Covid times in the receivables & payables finance industries
  • ways to assess and mitigate fraud risk with the help and support of modern technology.

Fraud consitutes the most important risk in Receivables & Payables Finance, having considerable impact on the Factor’s performance and internal procedures. Fraud management requires solid internal processes with dynamic fraud detection & prevention mechanisms.

All participants are expected to actively take part in the session by using the various interactive tools of the webinar platform. There will be a mixture of presentations and panel discussion with senior experts from the industry. Q&A sessions that follow after each panel are expected to provide additional expertise on the subject.