FCI 54th Annual Meeting

19-23 June 2022

InterContinental the Willard, Washington DC, USA

The theme of this Annual Meeting

A changing Economic, Environmental & Trade Landscape: How will the Receivables and Supply Chain Finance industry cope?

Why Attend?

This Annual Meeting will focus on the impact of the changing economic landscape with the rise in inflation and interest rates.

Topics Included

  • Digitalization and changes in regulations and accounting requirements
  • The rise of Fintechs and the Distribution of Capital and Liquidity in Receivables Finance
  • The risk of Fraudulent Activity in Receivables Finance
  • The impact of a degrading environmentchanges in the workplace stemming from the Pandemic, and the evolution of women and youth in a male-dominated work society
  • The role of Advocacy including issues like the change in the definition of default in the EU
  • The effects of the implementation of Basel III rules and new questions relating to the role credit insurance will play as an enabler of risk mitigation
  • The elimination of LIBOR and the implementation of new overnight risk-free reference rates
  • And lastly the current state of the development of the model law on factoring by the UNIDROIT, a project fully endorsed and supported by FCI

Who Should Attend?

If you are working in one of the below, chief executives as well as those executives in charge of international factoring, do not miss out on this event:

  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Factoring companies
  • Industry Service Providers ( IT companies, law firms, etc.)
  • Multi-lateral banks and inter-governmental organisations
  • Regulators, central banks
  • and similar stakeholders in the receivables finance industry.

See the full agenda here