Digitalisation: making trade cheaper, faster and simpler
3 – 5 April 2023
Days 1 & 3 – Virtual | Day 2 – In-person

What is C4DTI DTC?

The Digital Trade Conference (DTC) is the annual, international, flagship event for ICC Centre for Digital Trade & Innovation (C4DTI).

Taking place from 3-5 April 2023, it will focus on implementation and will discuss the following:

  • how we can implement interoperable systems across government and industry, drawing on international best practice
  • enabling legal rules and adopting standards frameworks
  • tips on how to prepare markets to go digital
  • best practice solutions, lessons learnt from pilot initiatives and access to the international experts and thought leaders leading projects and programmes
  • practical solutions to managing key risks across global supply chains – data security, cybersecurity, and fraud

Learning outcomes

Delegates will come away with a clear understanding of:

  • what needs to be prioritised to digitalise trade systems and processes
  • where investment needs to be targeted
  • what the return on investment will be
  • where the barriers, bottlenecks and opportunities are
  • what initiatives are underway and what lessons can be learnt
  • what practical solutions can be applied
  • best practice insights from global experts leading projects and programmes

Who is this event for?

This event is for industry and government practitioners involved in delivering a cheaper, faster and simpler trading system. It is primarily a technical event, aimed at decision makers across the spectrum of buyers, sellers, corporate finance, compliance, procurement, supply chain management, freight forwarding, port systems, warehousing, logistics, insurance, legal, customs, IT software and technology solution providers.