A new era in commodity trade finance

Feb 9, 2023 04:30 PM


A new era in commodity trade finance – Value creation through digitisation of tradeflows for enhanced transparency

Join this highly practical webinar bringing together leaders from all areas of the commodities ecosystem to explore how public-private platforms, working in flexible and collaborative manners, are now able to bring transparency, security and efficiency to tradeflows – allowing greater visibility and comfort for financiers, with the result – greater mobility of capital and credit for traders of all sizes and profiles.


Acasius Leong – Head of Digital Trade Engagement – DBS Bank

Loh Wei – CEO – Jurong Port Universal Terminal

David Thambiratnam – CEO – Veridapt

Kelvin Ling Jiehan – Head of Operations & Business Development – SGTraDex

Rod Hutchinson – Head of Trade Finance – Veridapt

Ben Hillary – MD – Commodities People

Topics to be explored include:

• Where is the greatest need for increased appetite from financiers?

• How can technology play an increasing role in attracting more capital and financing to global trade?

• Where have challenges traditionally been faced in connectivity and interoperability – and how is that changing?

• Is regulation for financiers and traders a threat or opportunity?

• How can increased visibility reduce double-financing and operational risk?