London, 3rd September 2020. The International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA) and Trade Finance Global (TFG) have today launched their international trade finance guide for corporates and large businesses, aimed at clarifying and defining standard definitions for trade finance products, as well as the risks, challenges and opportunities within trade finance.

ITFA and TFG launch trade finance guide for corporates and large businesses

Guide to trade finance

What is trade finance?

Trade finance is a set of techniques aimed at mitigating and transferring trade risks to the financial sector, and/or using bank funding to enable domestic and cross border/ international trade flows.

Trade finance focuses on supporting the physical flow of goods across borders while primarily using the goods, receivables and cash generated from the trade as the principal security.

Trade Finance Guide 2020 – Available to download

The guide, which includes worked examples and diagrams for many of the structures, covers the following:

Contributors include Charlotte Prior, Nigel Atta-Mensah, Alero Arubi, Ross McKenzie and Carter Hoffman, with additional work from the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum (GSCFF) and ITFA’s Emerging Leaders Chair, Duarte Pedreira. Editors include ITFA’s Chairman, Sean Edwards and TFG’s Editorial Director, Deepesh Patel.

The guide can be downloaded below, or using the link here.