In the fast-paced world of commodities trading and shipping, networking within the industry is indispensable. It serves as a platform for professionals to exchange insights, adapt to market shifts, and collaborate on innovations, fostering agility. 

CommodityThursdays are casual networking drinks tailored to the industry. It’s a chance to connect, share ideas, and build relationships in a fun atmosphere, in hubs like London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Dubai, Miami, Paris, and Geneva. Visit for more details.

The commodity and international trade industry is incredibly vast, covering all corners of the globe. It can be difficult to come together to create a community within the industry.

This is why Trade Finance Global (TFG) is happy to announce our partnership with CommodityThursdays, helping to bring together practitioners from across the world to collaborate and learn from each other.

The past few years have proven to be challenging for everyone involved in the commodity industry. Geopolitical issues, fraud and a volatile macroeconomic environment have caused numerous issues for physical traders, trading houses, and shipping firms.

As the industry faces volatility across the market, the ability to swiftly adapt to market changes, share insights, and innovate collaboratively is not just advantageous but essential. 

Deepesh Patel, Editorial Director, Trade Finance Global said, “Bringing people together and breaking down barriers is at the heart of what TFG does. Working with CommodityThursdays will help us further this goal and turn our motto into a physical event to facilitate conversations and connections within the industry.”

CommodityThursdays said, “Working closely with TFG, whose core value is removing barriers to trade, treasury, and payments, will further enhance our commitment to fostering inclusivity and driving innovation within the commodities trading and shipping industry. 

Together, we aim to create a more accessible and collaborative environment that empowers professionals to thrive and succeed in their company.”

Interested in meeting more people within the industry and creating connections? Join for Good Times at CommodityThursdays and find out more here!