Trade Finance Global (TFG) and S&P Global Market Intelligence are jointly hosting a webinar “Navigating sanctions: The role of transshipment hubs in Western-made components to Russia” on Tuesday, 2 July, 12:00 BST.

TFG’s Deepesh Patel will speak with Ravi Amin, Trade Compliance Subject Matter Expert, at S&P Global Market Intelligence to break down the intricate dynamics of global trade sanctions and the role of transshipment hubs in facilitating the movement of Western-made components to Russia. 

Key webinar highlights:

  • Background and effectiveness of the sanctions: Ravi Amin will share his expertise on how despite numerous rounds of sanctions since the onset of the conflict with Ukraine in 2022, Russia has managed to sustain its trade flows. Additionally, the webinar will cover how Russian trade has been redirected through Asian countries and neighbouring states like Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan, which have seen an increase in trade with Russia despite global sanctions.
  • Sanctions and compliance: The webinar will break down the evolution of sanctions, starting with critical military components like semiconductors and expanding to luxury civilian goods, along with the list of HS Codes and sanctions tiers.
  • Future outlook: The session will also provide projections on future sanctions, potentially targeting new sectors of the Russian economy. This segment will discuss the broader implications for global trade and the necessary adaptations within international trade finance.

With over 4,000 sanctions currently levied on the Russian economy, it is important to understand what these sanctions are, how they work, and what is being done to enforce them.

Trade professionals, freight forwarders, banks, compliance officers, and many more need to ensure they know the intricate details to avoid working with sanctioned entities.

Listen in on the TFG and S&P Global Market Intelligence webinar to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these details!

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