T3i Partner Network LLP, a global alliance of experts in trade, treasury, and technology, has formally unveiled its inception, aimed at furthering advancements in the fields of trade finance and treasury. 

The network was established by four industry experts: Daniel Cotti, Shalini Lall, Michael Vrontamitis and Frank Wendt. They are backed by an inaugural group of over 30 experienced partners, who together bring a wealth of expertise spanning a millennium.

Their shared goal is to offer advisory and partnership services in fields like trade finance, treasury, working capital, transaction banking, and digital transformation. This aims to address the diverse and evolving needs of various clients, which range from fintech companies and corporates to banks, non-banking financial institutions, investors, and industry groups.

T3i offers an all-encompassing growth accelerator service designed to assist clients in identifying their challenges, recommending the most appropriate solutions, and capitalising on these to fuel growth and enhance revenue.

In addition, T3i provides tailored advisory and consultancy services, featuring interim management, coaching, and training that facilitate both strategy formulation and implementation. 

Aimed at financial institutions, corporates, and fintech enterprises, these services help navigate the intricacies of digital change, facilitate access to working capital, and support business scaling.

In recent months, the T3i Partner Network has already begun collaborating with a number of clients such as Digital Vault Services GmbH, creators of Guarantee Vault—a platform for issuing and securely storing digital guarantees—and Finecta, a platform linking trade finance lenders with SMEs.

“As an early stage fintech, we have found T3i to be an excellent partner. They have helped us to focus on what is important for success, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship,” says Andrew Berti, CEO of Finecta.

“T3i has supported us in defining our strategy and executing our overseas expansion plans as the leading digital mature guarantee platform in Europe. Their understanding of us as a startup as well as our FI and corporate clients, combined with their global relationships, has been incredible,” says Jaime Gimeno, co-CEO of Digital Vault Services GmbH.

Commenting on the network’s inauguration, Frank Wendt, T3i Founding Partner, said,  “There is a significant gap in support in the sector, and we recognised that independent practitioners can only operate within the confines of their individual limitations. T3i’s approach consolidates resources to effectively address challenges encountered by industry peers, irrespective of their size.”

Michael Vrontamitis, T3i Founding Partner, said, “Our network is a group of seasoned professionals who have navigated the industry’s challenges firsthand. By joining forces, we’re able to leverage this pool of experience and insight to the benefit of our clients. Our dynamic business model means that we thrive on the success of our clients. We are not here to play a passive role. Instead, we actively support our clients throughout the process, from strategy to execution, ensuring tangible results.”

Shalini Lall, T3i Founding Partner, said, “The world of trade and treasury is evolving with technology advancements and shifting legal frameworks, creating exciting opportunities. T3i member partners, many of whom are former transaction bankers and technologists, are really embracing the chance to make a genuine impact with our clients.”

Daniel Cotti, T3i Founding Partner, said, “We recognise that industry incumbents often lag in embracing change. Our approach is different; we are committed to driving a positive impact on our clients’ commercial activities and earnings, and we do so rapidly. We’re excited about driving proactive engagement, fostering innovation and continuous learning and enabling efficient execution. We want to create meaningful outcomes for our clients.”