Kyriba Corp, a cloud-based finance and IT solutions firm, and Jiko, a vertically integrated financial institution offering its clients real-time programmatic access to the yield and safety of T-bills, today announced a strategic partnership.

Kyriba’s customers can use Jiko’s flagship Money Storage product directly from Kyriba’s Liquidity Management platform. Through this new capability, Kyriba’s clients can manage their T-bill holdings.

Jiko’s corporate Money Storage solution allows treasurers to have their cash directly deployed into T-bills, held at leading custody bank BNY Mellon. 

Jiko’s innovation lies in the blending of the payment technology of its national bank with the proprietary trading and ledgering technology of its registered broker-dealer, allowing clients to deploy cash into T-bill maturities of their choosing (currently 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-months) without having to hire traders or work through complex brokerage interfaces. 

Jiko automatically invests or liquidates positions when a wire instruction is received and recently showcased the ability to do so quickly and at scale by completing a same-day withdrawal of over $100M for a corporate customer.

Remy Dubois, chief growth & value officer at Kyriba said, “Jiko makes it very easy to deploy cash into T-bills – the popular low-risk asset class that has historically been cumbersome for corporates to access.

The availability of Jiko Money Storage in Kyriba’s Marketplace gives our clients the flexibility to grow their liquidity, securely and without penalty, as treasury teams strive to optimise liquidity planning and reduce their vulnerability to rising interest rates.”

“It has never been more important for corporates to properly disperse and store their cash while safely generating yield,” said Stephane Lintner, CEO and co-founder of Jiko. 

“Jiko Money Storage allows treasurers to break away from the one-size-fits-all and opaque structure of Money Market Funds, without introducing additional operational or counterparty risk to the treasury function. We are thrilled to partner with a market leader to enable corporate treasurers to map liquidity needs and access cash as needed through Jiko Money Storage.”

Key features of Jiko Money Storage directly available to Kyriba customers include:

  • A user experience that relies on trading automation, abstracting all the operational complexities away
  • Companies of all tiers are able to store money directly in US T-bills
  • T-bills are securely held at leading custody bank BNY Mellon
  • The ability to map yearly cash flows with select T-bill maturities 
  • Real-time visibility into trade details and holdings
  • Transparent and competitive pricing

Kyriba customers can reach out to their representative for access to Jiko Money Storage.