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ITFA announced a new template that is being made available to its members in order to facilitate transactional information sharing.

The ITFA NDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for risk sharing in trade transactions – English law) has been designed as a two-way master document that can be used when parties to the agreement share information relating to trade transactions with each other.

It removes the need for individual transactional NDAs to be executed, which is relevant to the frequent flows in the secondary market for trade finance.

The NDA is accompanied by Guidance Notes that will enable users of the NDA to understand how to apply the NDA and also to explain certain drafting decisions.

ITFA would like to thank the members of its Market Practice Committee, and in particular Geoffrey Wynne at Sullivan & Worcester, for enabling this project to come to fruition.

ITFA believes it will provide further standardisation and efficiency in the market, in turn adding value for their members.