Finastra, a global financial services provider, has partnered with Integro Technologies to offer Integro’s SmartLender Trade Limits solution alongside its own Trade Innovation solution. Integro Technologies is a subsidiary of Aurionpro, the provider of high-end lending platforms.

Integro’s SmartLender platform has been in use in Asia and the Middle East to manage risk in trade finance for the past two decades. 

Through this partnership, SmartLender’s advanced exposure risk capabilities, combined with Trade Innovation’s front-to-back capabilities for frictionless trade and supply chain finance, will be available for banks worldwide.

Iain MacLennan, Vice President, Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Finastra said, “Banks are operating in an era of unprecedented uncertainty and are having to manage risk on a global scale. Digitalisation is the only way to effectively manage such uncertainty to bring a true understanding of risk.

With SmartLender Trade Limits and Trade Innovation in a single offering, not only will banks be able to reap the benefits of end-to-end digitalisation, but they will also gain the ability to manage exposure risk throughout the trade finance process. We are excited to offer this new capability to our customers and look forward to future success with Integro.”

Mr. Shekhar Mullatti, CEO, Integro Technologies Pte Ltd said, “The best of breed capabilities of Trade Innovation, combined with the granular Limits Management capabilities of SmartLender Trade Limits, will give customers a competitive edge to expand and scale their trade and supply chain businesses with effective risk management.

We are excited to partner with Finastra on this journey to enhance digital transformation, accelerate growth, and improve efficiencies in trade processes across the world.”

SmartLender Trade Limits is a comprehensive digital trade limits system that enables exposure risk management at every stage of the trade finance process. 


With end-to-end centralised processing capabilities and open APIs, SmartLender Trade Limits offers easy and widespread configurability and improves productivity with reduced rates of trade rework and active limit monitoring. 

The intuitive workflows allow well-supported decision-making with global trade limits structures and limit checking from numerous views, including country risks, industry/sector risks, group and counter-party risks, all from a scalable architecture designed to handle rapid changes to workloads and user demands to ensure business continuity.

Trade Innovation is the best-in-class booking engine with embedded workflow management for working capital finance, covering all aspects of working capital and supply chain finance.

The solution provides open connectivity to networks, the creation and management of digital original documents, as well as the automation of compliance and document-checking tasks using AI and machine learning.

With front-to-back digitalisation of the documentation and processes involved in complex guarantee wording and workflows, Trade Innovation reduces friction in processing and improves turnaround times. 

Using the solution, banks can accelerate their move to paperless trade, enable greater automation in their operations, and respond quicker to market requirements.