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Mitigram and Enigio have announced a partnership, aiming to enhance the international digital trade finance. This key alliance leverages Mitigram’s expertise in trade by providing access to a broad range of electronic trade documents that are legally compliant, making them available to all involved parties. 

With the recent endorsement of MLETR in the UK and other regions, it has become feasible for firms to eliminate paper-based processes and embrace a fully digital trade flow, offering seamless communication and thereby enabling quicker and more secure capital access.

“The collaboration with Enigio marks a significant milestone in our journey to digitalise trade finance,” stated Ted Scheiman, Chief Strategy Officer of Mitigram. “Enigio’s digital document technology, trace:original, aligns perfectly with our vision, setting a new sustainable document standard for interoperability while delivering excellent value to our clients and the trade finance industry.”

Amanda Evans, Chief Growth Officer at Enigio, said, “We are excited to join forces with another strong partner where our technology enables Mitigram’s customers to create freely transferable digital documents. By integrating with trace:original, Mitigram enhances their product offering with a seamless solution for corporates and banks to perform end to end digital transactions with all parties. 

Patrik Zekkar, CEO of Enigio said, “The synergy between Mitigram’s user-centric approach and Enigio’s trusted technological advancements will have a profound impact on the industry at a critical time for economic growth.”

This partnership is particularly timely, given the recent legal recognition of the MLETR in the UK, with anticipation of similar legal acceptance in France and other nations soon. This legal advancement highlights the critical role of digital transformation in trade and underlines the commitment of the Mitigram-Enigio partnership to lead in this transformation.

By aligning with these legal changes, Mitigram and Enigio are not just adapting to the changing regulatory environment but are also easing the industry’s transition towards a fully digitalised landscape.

The partnership between Mitigram and Enigio aims to improve efficiency, security, and interoperability within global trade. Their efforts towards wider adoption and interoperability, along with their work with other ecosystem partners, highlight a collaborative approach to modernising the industry. 

This joint venture reflects both organisations’ commitment to developing a digital trade finance ecosystem that is forward-looking and sustainable.